Former Industry Executives Form New I/O and Connectivity Products Company

Sept. 1, 2004
ioSelect Inc. New Provider of Next Generation I/O and Connectivity

Once again, downsizing companies have provided more benefits to users by providing quality executives and technologists the “opportunity” to find new jobs. Former executives of Action Instruments, now part of Invensys Eurotherm, (Leesburg, Va.) and Opto 22 (Temecula, Calif.) have launched ioSelect Inc.,  a new business focusing on next generation I/O and connectivity technologies for industrial applications.

“ioSelect is more about customers than products,” states Rob Henley, ioSelect president and founder. “We formed this business based on the support and advice from many of our industry contacts who were looking for a better way to solve their industrial I/O needs or get their technology to market.”

Since opening their doors in January, ioSelect has aligned with three major technology companies, assembled a sales channel, and racked up a list of customers in the Factory Automation, Process Control and Test & Measurement marketplace.  “We have already launched what I think are the best-in-class signal interface, data acquisition, and remote telemetry products available today,”, adds H. Philip White, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “The real exciting stuff is the wireless and connectivity products that we are preparing to launch. Very cool technology.”