Batch Manufacturing Requires State-of-the-Art Batch Management Software

June 14, 2013
ARC Advisory Group has released an ARC Insight comparing Batch Management System Software

ARC Advisory Group research indicates that the vast majority of batch management software (BMS) systems are deployed in the fast-moving consumer/commercial products and prescription drug industries and their ingredient supplier industries. Here, innovation and speed-to-market are vital to success.

These industries are characterized by increasingly complex production processes and a growing number of multi-product production lines. This is the result of fluctuating availability and price of many raw materials and the demand for new and reformulated products from consumers, retailers, and regulatory agencies. Today's BMS systems provide industry- specific functionality using innovative information technologies to help manufacturers meet the challenges they face in an intensely competitive and increasingly global economy.

BMS Systems Deliver Value 
Today's ISA88-based batch management software (BMS) provides five major functions: recipe management, execution, and tracking; batch production scheduling; product quality management; production data collection and reporting; and product quality management. These functions exist at one or more of ISA levels 2, 3, and 4, depending on the site automation architecture. More than two-thirds of all BMS is used by the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and chemical industries. It has allowed plants that have not been able to automate in the past to implement very cost-effective batch control solutions. Benefits include increased product quality, increased capacity, improved manufacturing flexibility, improved safety, reduced engineering and maintenance costs, simplified recipe development, and reduced time-to-market for new products.

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