Chappell and Ghosh win 2011 WBF awards

June 15, 2011
Both men cited for work on the ISA88 standard.

CHANDLER, Ariz.- The WBF has announced the presentation of its Thomas G. Fisher award and the Dr. Guido Carlo-Stella award at the organization's 2011 North American conference held in Newark, Del.
Winner of the prestigious Thomas G. Fisher award is David Chappell. Over the years, Chappell's efforts in the continued development of the ISA88 standard, his many workshops and training sessions, and his continued encouragement have inspired many people to get involved and stay involved with WBF. His efforts in the development of ISA TR88.00.02 and the ISA88.00.05 draft are expanding the breadth and depth of the standard more than has been seen in many years to include packaging machinery and deeper understanding of coordinated control and the use of multiple control strategies. His efforts have extended beyond WBF to mentoring the OMAC working groups and bringing both groups together in a coordinated effort to improve the standard.

The Thomas G. Fisher Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated notable leadership in the development, teaching and popularization of technologies, services and techniques in the field of process manufacturing.

Winner of the prominent Dr. Guido Carlo-Stella award is Asish Ghosh. Asish was an early member of WBF, helping to shape and promote the ISA88 standard, mentoring young engineers, serving on the board for several years and as a trustee until his retirement in 2010. In his over 30 years of experience as a project engineer, consultant and author, he has helped implement many batch control projects, presented and published numerous papers and jointly authored the first major book on batch control. As a consultant and researcher at ARC Advisory Group, he was responsible for covering the batch control market and publishing many batch market outlook papers and worldwide studies. His most recent was the "2009 Batch Management Software Worldwide Outlook."

The Dr. Guido Carlo-Stella Award, created in 1999 in honor of its namesake, is presented to individuals who have demonstrated technical excellence or have mentored and inspired others in the field of automation and information integration in manufacturing.