Cognex introduces Checker 101 sensor technology to machine vision sysstem marketplace

Nov. 4, 2004
Cognex Corp., a supplier of machine vision systems, has announced the introduction of Checker 101, a sensor that can visually detect the presence or absence of components during the manufacturing process. Checker 101 is the first member of Cognex's new line of vision sensors designed to replace photodetectors or other similar sevices used by factory technicians and electricians in solving manufacturing poblems.Checker reportedly can analyze over 400 images each second and can keep up with even the fastest manufacturing operations, allowing manufactuers to inspect 100% of their products at each stage of their production lines. Checker's design provides illumination, optics, sensor, processor, memory and I/O, all fully integrated in a single industrial-grade package about the size of a cell phone. In addition, unique, patent-pending technology enables Checker to automatically detect when a product is ready to be inspected; because of that, it doesn't require an external trigger, even for products in continuous motion at high speed, as do most other vision sensors and systems.Checker will be introduced at the PackExpo trade show opening Sunday, November 7 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.