JAI Pulnix's Vision System

Nov. 9, 2004
Vision system combines 2-megapixel resolution with color imaging
CV-M8CL Color Camera
The CV-M8CL, a 2-megapixel Bayer CFA color camera, features a resolution of 2 million pixels (1600 x 1200). Measuring 40(h) x 50(w) x 120(l) mm, the camera is based on a progressive scan 1" format Bayer CFA CCD sensor (KAI-2001CM) with 7.4µm square pixels. The camera offers 30 frames/second at full resolution with dual-tap output or 17 frames/second at full resolution over single-tap output. Other specifications include: camera link interface; RS-232C for configuring the camera; PIV mode; and C-mount. Designed for such applications as industrial inspection and intelligent traffic systems, the camera includes: auto iris lens video output; knee and gamma response curves; reset continuous trigger mode; analog monitor output (reduced resolution); and five-image burst trigger mode that allows the capture of a sequence of five images at different shutter speed settings. In situations in which the lighting conditions are uncertain, such as in an outdoor environment, burst trigger allows a range of exposures to be captured simultaneously. Knee and gamma functions allow image capture in contrast-rich scenes without rendering dark parts unrecognizable or bright parts bloomed.JAI Pulnix: 800-445-5444; www.jaipulnix.com