Resource guide: Data analytics context and toolbox

Sept. 16, 2022
This new resource guide provides 10 videos and articles about data analytics and management.

Statistics summer school
This one-hour video, “Tutorial: Statistics and data analysis” by Ethan Meyer of Hampshire College and MIT, is a Brains, Minds and Machine summer course that provides some useful background for many data analytics and statistics concepts.
Center for Brains, Minds+Machines

Carbon fiber heating talks
This online article, “Osaka Gas Chemicals establishes problem-solving method utilizing cross-departmental waigaya discussions” from Yokogawa, reports how the users investigated problems with its heating process, used DPI data analytics software and workshop-based discussions to solve problems and adjust its operations. 

Exploration with Python
This 30-minute video, “Exploratory data analysis (EDA) using Python” from Edureka covers the basic concepts of EDA and shows how Python programming can automate analytics tasks and generate data-driven conclusions. 

Commissioning for energy
This 52-minute video, “Using data analytics to automate and enhance the commissioning process” by John Petze of SkyFoundry, covers basic principles of data analytics and demonstrates how software is applied to commissioning processes to achieve energy and operational efficiency improvements. 
Sky Foundry

How-to for MPC, SPC and QPC
This online article, “Advanced analytics for process control engineers” by John Cox of Seeq, shows how automated analytics can assist process control and optimization by identifying performance variations, establishing dynamic correlations and models, monitoring control loops, enabling model-predictive control (MPC) and using statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC). 

Essential Excel skills
This 18-minute video, “Three essential skills for the data analyst” by Wyn Hopkins of Access Analytic, covers tables, Power Query and Pivot Tables and Power Pivot capabilities. 
Access Analytic

Virtual mining experiments
This online article, “Case study: the use of a digital twin with advanced process control at Boliden Aitik mine” by Johannes Sikström of Boliden and Robert Brown and Ryan Koorts of ABB, covers how these longtime partners used ABB Ability Expert Optimizer software to conduct non-intrusive, virtual experiments, perform tests in a short time and try different copper grinding circuit configurations. 

Animated data in action
This three-minute video, "Simulated annealing visualization: solving travelling salesman problem (TSP)” from Computational Scientist animates the classic TSP problem to illustrate how automating data analytics can solve operational problems. 
Computational Scientist

Automation with Tableau
This 42-minute video, “Automating your data processes with Tableau data management” by Andre de Vries and Phil Lowe of the Information Lab, shows how to automate and understand data lineage using Tableau’s platform and its add-on data management software, as well as communicate about where data is sourced and how to keep that data updated.
The Information Lab

Power BI tutorial
This 28-minute video, “How to use Microsoft Power BI” by Kevin Stratvert, shows how to use Power BI software to get insights from business data. It includes sample data overviews, details how to get information from spreadsheets and web sources and shows how to turn them into tables. 
kevin stratvert

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