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Schneider Electric standardizes micro data centers on Stratus edge computing

Aug. 2, 2021

Stratus Technologies reported June 15 that Schneider Electric has released its EcoStruxure Micro Data Center architectures standardized on Stratus' ftServer edge computing platforms to move traditional data center capabilities to factory floors. These pre-validated architectures integrate Stratus’ fault tolerance and virtualization with Schneider Electric’s uninterrupted power, can consolidate software workloads, and run critical equipment with no downtime. Jointly developed, the micro data centers are fully tested, validated and available with pre-loaded software to reduce engineering complexity for system integrators (SI).

These micro data centers also let users to move data center operations to the edge by bringing computing power close to critical equipment to solve data latency and bandwidth issues. This is enabled by ftServer’s virtualization that concurrently runs monitoring and controls, on-premises historian, manufacturing execution, asset performance management, automated material handling applications, and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. Purpose-built for the operational environment, the unit is physically protected in one enclosure. 

“When partnering with Stratus, we spoke about the many day-to-day responsibilities of system integrators and the security and privacy concerns raised with outsourcing IT," says John Knorr, VP of global IT alliances at Schneider Electric. "We made it our mission to not only bridge the gap of IT and OT, but simplify the purchase, deployment and management cycle together with a one-stop-shop solution.” These new architectures are reported to be ideal for deployment in consumer packaged goods (CPG), water/wastewater, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and other industries that want to harness real-time edge data for insight and competitive advantage. 

Previously, SIs and end users had to source computing platforms and power components from separate suppliers, align requirements and costs, and assemble, configure and test. With this combined solution, user teams have a solution from one source with service and support from Stratus and Schneider Electric. This lets users deploy an OT-ready micro data center with field engineering that costs 40% less and get to market 20% faster.

“This Stratus and Schneider Electric collaboration drastically reduces the engineering work and logistical complexity for Aveva's SIs and distributors deploying micro data centers in OT environments," says Tim Black, global SI program manager at Aveva. "EcoStruxure Micro Data Center with Stratus ftServer should be the standard fault-tolerant platform for edge-to-enterprise digital transformation projects.”