Altivar Process 6000 (ATV6000)

Sept. 4, 2019

Schneider Electric launched the Altivar Process 6000 (ATV6000) medium voltage service-oriented drive. The ATV6000 is a smart, connected product that can help optimize businesses by enabling process optimization, improving energy management, enhancing asset management and providing a tailored engineering solution. Schneider Electric is currently working with UL and expect to have a listing by December 2019.

Equipped with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, ATV6000 optimizes the operation and maintenance of installations. It allows businesses to plug into the Industrial Internet of Things to manage maintenance tasks on assets with preventive and predictive management based on real-time assessments and predictive analytics.

As part of EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric's IIoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, interoperable architecture and platform architecture, ATV6000 delivers energy management through smart data collection, real-time performance information and lifetime energy monitoring to reduce consumption.   

The digital capabilities and mechanical characteristics of the ATV6000 also ensure improved operator efficiency, fast and easy onsite maintenance operations, easy troubleshooting with dynamic QR codes and comfortable usability with the 10" Magelis HMI.