Common DC bus servo drive amplifiers

June 5, 2023

Melservo-J5D common DC servo drive amplifiers are ideal for medium to large servo applications that require multiple drive units capable of managing regenerative energy. Available in 400V and 1kW to 7kW capacity, they expand existing drive capabilities for the Melservo-J5 portfolio and are compatible with Melservo-J5 servo motors (HK-KT/ST/RT/MT).

In a typical, common DC bus servo system, Melservo-J5D servo amplifiers are connected on a DC bus bar connected to a MR-CV power regeneration converter unit, which converts 400 VAC power to DC. Regenerative energy can then be shared among the different servo drives, or recaptured and returned to the power supply, improving overall energy efficacy of a machine.

In addition, common DC bus servo amplifiers can reduce wiring requirements and eliminate the need for multiple MCCB or MC branch protection devices. Cables are managed above and below Melservo-J5D, enabling a clean panel design. Finally, this servo amplifier’s compact, bookshelf-type design also reduces panel space when compared to regular servo amplifiers. With its 1/2/3-axis models, large-format servo systems can be managed in a compact space.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.