Stepper drive with closed-loop position control, correction and programming

June 11, 2024

P80360 stepper drive with closed-loop position control has real-time position correction and programming. Similar to other drives in the P8000 series, it uses stepless control for smooth, quiet motion and optimal performance across its speed range. P80360 can be used with all stepper motors with phase current up to 3.0 Arms. It also holds CE, RoHS and REACH certifications. 

In addition to open-loop stall detection, P80360 can track load positions via encoder feedback, and automatically correct for overshoot or undershoot errors. Closed-loop position control is useful, for example, in systems where gearing, couplings or heavy loads result in compliance that can cause motor missteps. By correcting for these position errors, P80360 minimizes risk of scrap or equipment damage, and improves efficiency, so the motor doesn’t consume as much electricity and runs cooler.

P80360 is also programmable via an intuitive GUI, enabling servo-like versatility, precision and repeatability in a stepper drive. Its programming language is available with Kollmorgen Space software that’s offered free on its website. Using these tools, users can easily create simple, point-to-point movements and linked motion sequences. This programming software also eliminates the need for an external PLC or indexer to perform single-axis motion control, reducing overall system costs. Kollmorgen Space also has a Motor Wizard that enables users with Kollmorgen motors to get their machines up and running faster by only requiring input of initial profile velocities and acceleration times. 

Kollmorgen Corp.