Servo drive, motor and encoder in one package

June 12, 2024

MDX+ low-voltage servo systems integrate a servo drive, motor and encoder into a compact package that’s at least 20% smaller than standalone solutions, but still provides accurate positioning and control. Versions with 100/200/400/550 W power outputs are available. MDX+ supports pulse train-based control methods (pulse/direction, CW/CCW, encoder following), RS-485, CANopen and EtherCAT protocols. Packages with electromagnetic brakes are available to meet safety requirements.

MDX+ is debugged by Luna software, which assists users with configuration, tuning and troubleshooting. The software and drive are connected via USB for fast, reliable communications. Other features include:

· Main power supports 24-60 VDC, while auxiliary power supports 24 VDC;

· Standardized frame sizes of 40/60/80mm cover its 100-550 W power range;

· 17-bit, magnetic, incremental encoder or 17-bit, battery-less, absolute encoder;

· Support for position, velocity and torque control

· Built-in brake option; and

· IP20 or IP65 options.

Applied Motion Products