NovaTorque's 2400-rpm motors

Jan. 13, 2016
Electronically commutated permanent magnet (ECPM) motors

To fill a void in fan application speeds, 2,400-rpm, permanent-magnet versions of NovaTorque's 3-hp through 15-hp models have been introduced with rated efficiencies of 93.5 to 95%. In many cases, these motors will be one full frame size smaller than the alternative AC induction motor, reducing weight, cost, and possibly VFD size. Also, the 2400-rpm motors retain all the advantages of NovaTorque's 900-, 1,200-, 1,800-, and 3,600-rpm motors. These include 30-50% reduction in motor losses, and 5-20% reduction in energy use compared with NEMA Premium induction motors. They're also compatible with all leading VFD brands, and are produced in NEMA dimensions for easy substitution, while their all-ferrite magnet design allows them to compete with AC induction motors.