Baird's Right-Angle Fractional Horsepower Gearmotors

Jan. 16, 2012
Baird Electric Manufacturing Introduces Right-Angle AC/DC Von Weise and Bison Drop-In Replacement Gearmotor

The Baird Electric new right-angle fractional horsepower gearmotors was designed as Von Weise & Bison Drop-In replacements and is available with output speeds from 4 to 100 RPM and torques from 25 to 250 in-lbs. The gearmotors are driven by a versatile universal motor that can be operated with 115V ac or dc and which can be inexpensively speed controlled with a potentiometer or simple electronic control. Versatility is further enhanced through the choice of left, right, or double output shaft configurations, all-position mounting, and the 1/15 hp motor rotation is reversible.