Explosion-proof motor starter

Feb. 3, 2010
New to the Adalet family of explosion-proof motor control enclosures and systems is a decreased footprint combination starter with modular, interchangeable trip blocks. Using Moeller's PKZ2 plug-in trip modules, Adalet can now provide a much smaller, universal enclosure for Size 0 through Size 3 explosion-proof combination starter requirements.  Using one frame size to control and protect motors up to 30HP @ 480V or 25HP @ 600V, the Adalet explosion-proof combination motor starter provides a universal enclosure and starter assembly for Size 0 through Size 3 applications. The universal trip modules allow the enclosure size to be decreased, creating a more compact and lighter weight assembly. Eleven different plug-in modules range from fractional to 30HP. Exchanging trip modules does not require tools and will not require re-wiring.Units are available in both AC and DC, full-voltage, non-reversing and full-voltage, reversing models up to 42 amps continuous current rating. The internal dimensions are 10"W x 14"H x 6"D and include a through-the-door disconnect handle, mechanical reset button, start and stop pushbuttons, watertight gasket, hinged cover and standard conduit entries.