Moog's Electric Servoactuation Solution

Sept. 3, 2009
Servoactuation Solution Designed for Easy Installation and Longer life

The Standard Electric Linear Servoactuator can be used with most linear actuation applications. It features: maximum force of 70 kN, rod speeds up to 640 mm/sec and an encoder for transmitting position and feedback data. The Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuator is for higher forces, rod speeds and longer strokes.  Customers can tailor almost every feature of the Flexible Series to meet application-specific needs. It includes longer strokes than the Standard solution, inline and foldback design, motor windings that can be tailored to meet application-specific needs, maximum force of 115.59 kN and rod speeds up to 1,600 mm/sec. Also, the pre-engineered package option including the Standard Electric Linear Servoactuation Package and Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuation Package. Each package includes Moog's servoactuator, servodrive and commissioning software. Moog's commissioning software automatically uploads preset system tuning parameters from the encoder when starting up the solution.