Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Oct. 9, 2007
Variable frequency drive is RoHS compliant


E700 R0HS compliant, variable frequency drive is designed to replace the E500 drive and has the same footprint and mounting arrangements as the E500. All terminal markings and parameter numbers that the two drives share will have the same numbering systems as before. The E700 provides improved speed range—200% motor torque is now possible at 0.5 Hz, giving an open loop speed range of 120:1. More interoperability—the E700 shares the same range of communication options with the bigger E700 and A700 drives as well as Mitsubishi's own RS485 programming protocol, Modbus RTU. Simple interface-A dedicated USB port allows direct set-up and diagnostic via a PC. Remote operation—Drive I/O can be remotely operated over any supported network. Mitsubishi Electric Automation; 847/478-2453.