High power-density, water jacket-cooled motors

May 30, 2023

Baldor-Reliance HydroCool XT motors provide highest-level IE5 efficiency even at low speeds for bearing protection and energy savings; 50% higher rated power density than similarly sized motors; and low maintenance via water-jacket cooling that eliminates fans and filters, is quieter than air-cooled motors, and has a smaller physical footprint and reduced operating costs. HydroCool XT is available with induction or permanent magnet rotor technology, and is available in four frame sizes from 60-1,250 horsepower at 45-932 kW.

HydroCool XT maintains cooling efficiency even at lower speeds, allowing it to operate directly on line or as a variable-speed motor without derating or power loss, making it ideal for constant-torque applications. Shaft grounding is standard, and like most ABB products, HydroCool XT is equipped with provisions for ABB Ability’s Smart Sensor condition monitoring to provide instant information on the health and performance of the motor, providing connectivity and data analytics to make operations efficient, predictable and safe.