Relief Valve Leak Detection

May 27, 2010

A relief valve leak-detection system from GE Energy provides all hardware and software required to upgrade the TrendMaster Pro, System 1 platform to provide an on-line leak monitoring and detection solution for all your process relief valves. A Relief Valve Leak Detection RulePak is provided to automatically process independent dual measurement values to enable dependable alarm capability in event of relief valve leakage.

The Valve Leak Detection System uses a combination of ultrasonic and thermocouple sensors to accurately predict leaking valves. GE's Bently Nevada TrendMaster Platform and System 1 software combined with proprietary Valve-leak-detection RulePak provide dependable valve leakage detection while reducing equipment false alarms. The Valve Leak Detection System features a non-intrusive installation process. It is integrated with standard industry proven products. TrendMaster Pro DSM's Modbus gateway as well as System 1 data exporters can send data to your DCS and/or process data historian.