Dual-Flow Dispensing Valve

Aug. 7, 2009
Parker Fluid Control Division, manufacturer of the Skinner and Gold Ring lines of solenoid valves and the Sinclair Collins line of process control valves, announces the release of the Dual-Flow Dispensing Valve for the fuel dispensing market.
The Dual-Flow solenoid valve controls two flow rates on command at the fuel servicing pump, switching from high-flow to low-flow efficiently and quickly. The new product line meets both speed and precision requirements for dispensing and filling applications.   Designed as if it were two valves within one compact assembly, the Dual-Flow valve requires only a single dual-wound coil to release fuel. Through this design feature, the valve accurately dispenses a predetermined amount of liquid by providing a high-flow (full-flow) for bulk delivery, and then switches to the low-flow mode to dispense the final amount required. The Dual-Flow valve operates within a maximum ambient and fluid temperature of 104 ºF (40 ºC), and consumes power at a high of 15 watts and a low of 8 watts. Port sizes are ¾", 1" and 1½" with an operating pressure differential of 5 psi to 50 psi. The valves have a brass body; fluorocarbon seals; NBR diaphragm; copper shading ring; and stainless steel sleeve, plunger, and springs. A Class F coil comes taped with three gasoline vapor-resistant lead wires. Available with a variety of optional features to best adapt to specific installation requirements.  UL-listed and CSA-certified, with ATEX available upon request.