Emerson Process Management

June 14, 2005
Fieldbus-based valve controller diagnoses performance

Smart Valve Controller
The Foundation Fieldbus-based Fisher Fieldvue DVC6000f digital valve controller has built-in valve diagnostics and a performance diagnostic (PD) capability. Both run continuously, analyzing valve and actuator data while the valve remains in service, controlling the process. Using the PD information, the controller can trigger PlantWeb alerts that warn of valve performance problems, enabling corrective action before a degraded valve can impact process operation.Hot cutover to Fieldbus protocol is possible without taking the process down because the instrument can function in two operating modes: pressure and travel. Firmware upgrades to add functionality to the instrument can be downloaded over the Fieldbus segment wiring, without interrupting process operations. PID block execution has a 100 msec loop macro-cycle. Optional stainless steel construction and remote mounting let the controller survive in harsh environments, such as temperature extremes, corrosive atmospheres and hazardous areas.