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17 flow solutions that use communications to deliver flow and related data

April 6, 2022
Water data connects to cloud

Promag W 800 electromagnetic, battery-powered flowmeter with backlit display provides maintenance-free operation for up to 15 years, as well as worldwide, secure data transfer via cellular radio to the cloud and apps, such as Netilion Water Network Insights. It's available with KTW/W270, WRAS BS6920, ACS or NSF 61 drinking water approvals. Promag W 800 also features seamless consumption measurements with a maximum measured error of ±0.5%, while a built-in data logger safely stores up to 10,000 values.


Pelton wheel measures high-temp oils

TRP Pelton wheel, high-temperature, turbine flowmeter monitors and controls cooling and process efficiency of high and ultra-high temperature oil used in heating and cooling circuits. With accuracies of 2.5% and repeatability of 0.5%, TRP has four flow ranges of 7.5 to 75 gpm, 2.5 to 25 gpm, 4 to 40 gpm, and 8 to 75 gpm across meter sizes from 0.5 in. to 1 in. Media temperature ranges for non-ex zones is -76 °F to 662 °F (-60 to 350 °C), and -4 °F to 464 °F (-20 to 240°C) for ex zones.

AW-Lake Co.

Microbridge chip reduces airflow errors

AWM5000 Series Micro­bridge mass airflow sensors from Honeywell feature a Venturi-type flow housing. They measure flow as high as 20 standard liters per minute (SLPM), while inducing a maximum pressure drop of 2.25 inches H2O. The microbridge chip is in direct contact with the flow stream, greatly reducing error possibilities due to orifice or bypass channel clogging. AWM5000's plastic package withstands common mode pressures up to 50 psi, while its small sensing element can handle 100 g of shock.


Magnetic meter for pulp and paper

Admag Total Insight (TI) Series AXG flowmeter has customized setups, trend views, multiple configurations for fast changeovers, and built-in verifications. It also features EtherNet/IP; 0.1 in. to 20 in. diameter with PFA liner; ceramic and PFA liners; and up to ±0.15% of flow rate accuracy. In addition, Admag TI AXG has an explosion-proof version at 0.1 in. to 16 in.; submersible at 0.5 in. to 20 in.; and hygienic at 0.5 in. to 5 in.


Remote monitoring via cellular

The monitoring and communications capabilities of the Flowsic500 flowmeter have been extended by a strategic partnership with Eagle Research Corp. (ERC). This new partnership pairs Flowsic500 with ERC’s 9040500USM cellular monitoring device. It enables Flowsic500 to establish a cellular communications system, and allows for remote, cellular-based data polling. This system will also work with any third-party polling device using standard industry protocols.


Fast, accurate compressed air measurement

FS10i Series compressed air flowmeters improve productivity by measuring accurately and quickly in a wide range of process and industrial applications, and detecting system leaks, which helps assure process quality, while reducing system energy costs. They're accurate to ±1.5% of reading, ±0.5% of full scale, with repeatability of ±0.5% of reading, and have a response time of 4 seconds (1 time constant).

Fluid Components International

Magmeter adds pipe sizes and seal options

Signet 2581 FlowtraMag full-bore, magnetic flowmeters have been redesigned to add 1.5 in. and 3 in. pipe sizes to their existing 1-, 2- and 4-in.sizes, and provide a simplified design and EPDM and FKM seal options for greater flexibility and chemical compatibility. The unit also offers accuracy of ±1% of reading and repeatability of ±0.5%. Its PVC body with standard Titanium and optional Hastelloy C electrodes achieves accuracy in short pipe runs.

GF Piping Systems

Sensor for valve position feedback

F31K2 dual-valve position sensors are designed for harsh, outdoor use, with a beacon that's visible from long distances, giving users instant, reliable valve position data. Its double-housing provides twice the usual protection, and achieves a high IP rating. LEDs indicating power supply, sensor and valve conditions are integrated in F31K2's encapsulated sensor module. Its housing materials ensure high resistance to UV, temperature, and corrosion. NAMUR Ex i (Zone 0/20) and Ex nA (Zone 2/22) versions are available.


Pipe-mounted transducers don't disturb flow

Sitrans FS290 portable, clamp-on flowmeter test kit is an AC or DC powered, weatherproof, flowmeter system for measuring liquid flow in pipes. Its transducers are mounted on the pipe and don't disturb the flow or the pipe. FS290 comes with a 24-hour battery that can be hot swapped without disturbing the measurement. Up to 10 independent sites can be entered into the device to simplify future setup and programing.


Zero pressure loss for air measurement

Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Air uses ultrasonic measurement, and features a built-in lithium battery, eliminating the need for power supply. Highly efficient due to zero pressure loss, this flowmeter includes forward/reverse measurement capability and a wide range of diameters. Features include clear viewing of compressed air and nitrogen consumption, early detection of air leaks and maximum flexibility, and construction to last in a range of harsh environments.

Fuji electric

Measure pressure without die contact

B58622M32x differential pressure transmitters from TDK Corp. include five models that measure 0 mbar to 500 mbar and 0 bar to 10 bar, with a compensated temperature range from -20 °C to 140 °C. Its MiniCell offers media resistance with high-alloy AISI 316L steel membranes on both pressure ports that transmit pressure to the sensor die via oil-filled, media-separated sensor cells. This enables pressure measurement of aggressive liquids and gases without directly contacting the sensor die.

Digi-Key Electronics

Flow sensor monitors temperatures, too

FS+ programmable flow sensors monitor fluid flow and temperature, and are rated to IP69K. They feature a rugged, rotatable, stainless-steel housing for long service life, switching or analog outputs, and automatic detection of PNP/NPN signals for fast commissioning. Because FS+ monitors temperature and flow rate, it can be used in a wider range of applications, such as ensuring adequate coolant flow or run-dry protection. Simple programming sequences make installation and use easy.


Oscillation for wet/dry gas measurement

Dog-6 oscillation flowmeter for dry or wet gases is reported to use a unique technology that's ideal for moist gas measurement, such as biogas, digester gas and fermentation gas. It drains any condensate, and delivers long service, low maintenance, low operating pressures and pressure drop. Dog-6 can be used for almost all gas types, including mixed gases, changing gas mixtures and common gases, such as compressed air, propane, hydrogen, nitrogen and argon.

Kobold Instruments Inc.

300 SLM per min. with digital interface

SFM3003 and SFM3013 bidirectional, low-pressure-drop flowmeters from Sensirion range up to 300 standard liters per minute (SLM), and feature an I²C interface and Sensirion’s CMOSens that combines thermal sensing, fast signal processing and digital calibration. SFM3003 measures flows of air, oxygen and mixtures, while SFM3013 features robustness to overpressure (up to 1 bar gauge pressure) and is calibrated for air, oxygen and mixtures.

Mouser Electronics Inc.

Four meters in one for safety applications

Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flowmeter meets stringent safety standards, where SIS are required, and is reported to be the first with quadruple sensors and transmitters to meet SIL requirements. Housed in an all-welded meter body, the meter provides a compact flow solution with built-in redundancies for added safety without introducing additional leak points. It reduces piping needs threefold by eliminating added flanges and pipe runs required for installing multiple flowmeters in a redundant flow measurement solution.


Visual indication over variable areas

ProSense FG1 mechanical, variable-area flowmeters have visual indication of flow rates. They provide ±5% full scale accuracy and ±1% repeatability. Two adjustable flow limit pointers indicate high/low/normal flows. ProSense FG1 is made of high-impact polysulfone plastic with brass fittings (1/2 and 3/4 NPT models). FG1 is available with 1/2 in., 3/4 in. or 1 in. NPT process connections and easy-to-read flow scales in gpm and lpm. Measurement ranges are 0.25-2.5 GPM (1-10 LPM) to 4-28 GPM (20-100 LPM).


Accurate Coriolis at low cost

CorFlo Coriolis mass flowmeters enable real-time measurement of density and flow in liquids, slurries and gases. Thermal meters combine the convenience and accuracy of conventional mass flowmeters with lower costs, but CorFlo is also reported to provide the most accurate measurements (±0.1~0.5%) for process fluids, while achieving low pressure drops. It also has more measurement sensitivity and stability, performance over a wide flow range, and minimal process, mounting and environmental effects.

Hawk Measurement

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