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Product roundup: fierce flow measurement, control

April 19, 2018
The latest flow measurement, control and support solutions aren't shy about serving in difficult settings

Plug, play, monitor, measure

Picomag electromagnetic flowmeter is an inline transmitter for measuring temperature and flow of conductive liquids in ½ in. to 2 in. pipe sizes. It measures flow up to 198 gpm with ±0.5% full scale accuracy and ±0.2% repeatability, and performs in temperatures from 14 to 158 °F (-10 to 70 °C) with ±4.5 °F accuracy. Picomag combines a sensor and transmitter in the same housing with a 1.4-in. TFT color display showing flow, totalizer and temperature readings, as well as warnings and alarm messages.


Coriolis for difficult fluids, gases

FMC5000 series Coriolis flowmeters handle mass flows of fluids and gases that can be corrosive or difficult to measure. They're rugged with no moving parts, which reduces maintenance, and optimize resource efficiency over a wide flow range by using one meter that enables high accuracy and simple installation. FMC500 can measure flow and aid custody transfers in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and dairy. They're also used in batch control, blending, filling and dosing, and process gas measurement.

Omega Engineering Inc. 

Three-part flow optimization

Big-3 flow energy solution includes QuadraTherm 640i/780i thermal flowmeters, InnovaMass 240i/241i vortex flowmeters and InnovaSonic 207i ultrasonic flowmeters. Their Raptor operating system firmware and apps ease integration, setup and serviceability. QuadraTherm has a no-drift sensor and accuracy of ±0.5% of reading. InnovaMass handles flows below 1 fps, and measures up to five variables with one connection. InnovaSonic ensures accuracy of ±0.5% of reading from 0.16 to 40 fps.

Sierra Instruments

Clamp-on ultrasonic

Combining Sitrans FST030 transmitter with the Sitrans FSS200 transducer has produced the Sitrans FS230 clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement solution. Suitable for virtually any liquid application, FS230 offers high-level accuracy, data update speed, noise immunity and simplicity. Based on a digital platform and driven by a powerful measurement algorithm, FS230 features field-proven reliability and a range of other innovations for difficult application requirements.


Butterfly with wafer connection

Type-57P butterfly valve has an ANSI wafer-style connection, and shares the same face-to-face dimensions as all like-size Type-57 valves. New features include two molded tag holes in the valve body and a highly visible throttle positioning plate, which features an opening degree legend in 10° increments and makes accurate throttle positioning between 0° (closed) and 90° (open) possible. Type-57P is available in sizes 1.5 in. through 8 in. with a lever, and in 1.5 in. through 14 in. with Plasgear operator.

Asahi/America Inc.

Acoustics for hygiene

Flowave Type 8098 flowmeter uses surface acoustic waves (SAW) for hygienic applications. This is achieved with accepted stainless-steel materials, and a tube free of inner parts, plus an outer design without any fixing components like screws. Flowave is free of conductivity, so measuring low- or non-conductive, water-like liquids is a preferred application. Other features include flexibility, CIP and SIP cleanability, compact size, light weight, easy installation and handling, and compliance with numerous standards.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Magnetic meter tends to itself

Rosemount 8712EM wallmount, magnetic flowmeter/transmitter uses human-centered design, and adds diagnostics and protocols to increase measurement confidence. Its diagnostics include high-process-noise and ground-fault detection, and its electrode coating diagnostic has two setpoints to alert when coating is present and affecting flow measurement, enabling preventive maintenance. Smart Meter Verification continuously monitors its health and performance for ultimate measurement confidence.

Emerson Automation Solutions 

Accurate over extended ranges

VersaFlow Coriolis 6000 delivers accurate measurements of mass, volume, density and concentration in a wide range of applications. The meter addresses users' challenges of measuring flow at extreme process temperatures from -328 to 752 °F, making it suitable for a spectrum of applications from liquids and gases to LNG and cryogenics. Combined with the TWC9400 converter, Versaflow Coriolis 6000 provides added value, and ensures stable and repeatable two-phase flow measurement even with 100% gas entrainment.

Honeywell Process Solutions 

Swirl for steam

SwirlMaster FSS450 swirl flowmeter is a comprehensive, integrated flow metering solution for steam distribution networks. FSS450 uses a two-wire transmitter with DSP technology and advanced flow computer functions. It features accuracy for liquids, gases and steam of ±0.50% of rate; process connection/meter sizes with flange design/DN 15 to 400 (1/2 in. to 16 in.); ATEX, IECEx, cFMus and NEPSI approvals; SIL2-certification in accordance with IEC 61508; and output/communications via 4-20 mA or HART 7.


Protect from dry running

FLT93 dual-alarm flowswitch provides reliable, early-warning alerts of potential dryrunning conditions, cavitation and other pump issues. Its no-moving-parts design monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases and slurries. With Alarm 1, the switch will detect a low-flow situation anywhere between 0.01 and 3 fps or 0.003 to 0.9 mps. The flowswitch is a dual-function instrument that indicates flow and temperature, and/or level sensing in a single device. Dual 6 A relay outputs are standard and are assignable to flow, level or temperature.

Fluid Components International 

Have ultrasonic, will travel

FSC portable ultrasonic flowmeter is compact, lightweight (1 kg), and easy to install with a clamp-on that lets users start measuring without interrupting operations. Instantaneous flow measurements are taken along with real-time flow profiles and consumed energy calculations. Data can be stored to an optional SD card, and later transferred to a PC via USB cable for PC data management. Detectors are available for pipe sizes ranging from 13 mm to 6 m, including options for high temperature.

Fuji Electric

Turbine flowmeter cleans up

Sanitary Design Turbine flowmeter meets sanitary requirements for process liquid measurement and complies with ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard BPE-2018. Applications for this series include ultrapure deionized water, demineralized or WFI water (water for injection), and food/beverage. This versatile flowmeter is available in 11 sizes from 1/4 in. to 3 in. with standard Tri-Clamp fittings. Sanitary installation kits are also available when needed. Flow rates from 0.35 to 650 gpm are covered through the size range.

Hoffer Flow Controls

Temperature, flow for conductives

MIM electromagnetic flowmeter delivers flow and temperature measurement for conductive liquids in a compact and rugged stainless-steel body. Its TFT display rotates 90° and offers easy programming via optical touch keys. MIM offers two independently configurable outputs, a grand and resettable totalizer, an integral PT1000 temperature sensor, and it can also accommodate bidirectional flow measurement.

Kobold Instruments Inc.

Compact insertion vortex

VN2000 compact insertion vortex flowmeter measures volumetric or mass flow rates of steam, gas or liquids over a large flow range, such as water flow rates as low as 1.32 fps and superheated steam flow rates at up to 250 fps. Its made of solid stainless steel, and its measuring element is constructed of a single piece of welded and machined stainless steel with non-wetted sensors and no internal O-rings or seals to allow steam to leak into the electronic sensing elements.

Badger Meter

Thermal mass with data logger

Model FT4X thermal mass flowmeter comes with a data logger that records flow rates, totals and other events/alarms. The logger features 40 daily totals and settable contract time defines contract day. FT4X also has non-cantilevered, direct digitally controlled (DDC) sensor; three onboard Gas-SelectX menus; CAL-V in-situ calibration validation test; RS485 Modbus RTU or HART; and FT4X View software for configuring, graphing and viewing logs.

Fox Thermal Instruments Inc.

Signal splitter for flow circuits

ASI451124 signal splitter with one input of 4-20 mA and a dual 4-20 mA output provides electrical isolation between input, output and power circuits, which makes it a suitable isolator for flow control circuits.Its 17.5-mm-wide housing can be mounted in control panels or remotely due to its isolation. The splitter is factory calibrated, and its galvanic isolation eliminates problems associated with ground loops, transients and unwanted noise interference.

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. 

Electromagenetic for biopharma

Flexmag 4050 C is reported to be the first electromagnetic flowmeter with biocompatible, disposable, single-barb-fitting flow tubes for single-use biopharmaceutical applications. Its high accuracy and factory calibration eliminates the need for in-situ calibration, and it includes a biocompatible and gamma-sterilizable, disposable flow tube. Flexmag 4050 C will not drift over time, and provides stable, direct and accurate volumetric flow measurement, unaffected by fluid properties such as color or density. The single-use, flow-path tubes are gamma sterilizable at 25-40 kGy irradiation.

800-FLOWING (356-9464)

Six-member flow group

Rotamass Total Insight (TI) four-wire Coriolis mass flowmeters and transmitters include six sensor lines and two transmitters that can be configured to suit specific requirements, such as high pressure, high temperature or highly challenging processes involving hygienic or cryogenic conditions. The new general-purpose (Essential) and high-end (Ultimate) transmitters come with an AC/DC universal power supply and can be flexibly configured to handle a range of functions. Rotamass TI also includes software to help users pick and commission the right sensor and transmitter combination.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. of America

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