Product roundup: flow gathers strength

May 5, 2017
Flowmeters and other measurement and support devices are adding new capabilities and consolidating their existing functions to increase accuracy and improve service.

Hart 7 for vortex

Rosemount 8800 vortex flowmeters added HART Protocol Revision 7 to ease commissioning, configuration and field identification. HART 7's Locate Device feature displays a visible code on a device’s LCD screen for quick field identification. HART 7's Long Tag feature allows detailed device names to be viewed or loaded into the flowmeter. 8800 Vortex provides sensor signal strength as a display and output variable, which allows continuous health monitoring of the flow sensor at the device and remotely as a HART variable.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Safety, measurement quality, accessibility 

Proline 300/500 smart Coriolis mass and electromagnetic flow instruments are available in 11 models from 1/24-in. to 14 in. in diameter for measuring flows up to 100,000 tons per day. Proline Promag flowmeters are available in three models from ¹/12-in. to 78 in. for volume flows up to 634 million gallons per day. They also have custody-transfer approvals and comply with cCSAus, ATEX, NEPSI, INMETRO, EAC, IEC/EN 61326, NAMUR NE21, and EU and ACMA directives. They're also approved for use in SIL 2 and SIL 3 settings.


Midstream gas measurement

To provide comprehensive data on natural gas volume and quality measurement to maximize confidence and minimize costs, Honeywell's midstream gas measurement portfolio combines three measurement products: TwinSonicplus two-in-one ultrasonic gas meter that combines Q.Sonicplus ultrasonic meter with an additional independent measurement for verification in the same body; Encal 3000 gas chromatograph for natural gas energy measurements; and GasLab Q2 online, gas-quality analyzer.

Honeywell Process Solutions

Mass flow, density, temperature, volume

FMC-5000 Series Coriolis mass flowmeters come in 15-mm to 150-mm (1/2 in. to 6-in.) sizes, and measures mass flow rate, volume, density and temperature. They have no moving parts for minimal maintenance; their accuracy over a wide flow range with one meter optimizes efficiency; and no flow conditioning or straight pipe runs are required. FMC-5000 measures liquids, gases and slurries in batch, blending, filling, dosing, custody transfer and gas applications.

Omega Engineering / 888-826-6342

Large-diameter butterfly redesigned 

Type-58 wafer style butterfly valve has been reengineered. Ranging in size from 28 in. up, Type-58 features an injection molded PDCPD body with ANSI Class 150 machined bolt pattern, non-wetted 403 or 316 stainless steel stem, and Rotork gear operator. Discs are available in PP or PVDF, and the full boot liner is offered in EPDM or FKM. Its face-to-face dimensions meet ISO 5752 short pattern for easy installation. Type-58 is suitable for aquariums, desalination facilities, power plants, landfills, and mining applications.

Asahi/America Inc. / 800-343-3618

CNG flow flexibility for CT 

Sitrans FCS200 Coriolis flow sensor has three CNG tube sizes, and uses Siflow FC070 Ex CT transmitter for easy integration into dispenser and compressor systems. The three size options include ³/8 in., 1/2 in. and 1 in., which provide optimized custody transfer measurement for flows rates from dispenser points for vehicles. Also, the 1-in. flow tube can measure high flow rates and pressures in compressor and CNG distribution applications. Extended high-capacity flow rates allow broader application for each tube size.

Siemens  / 267-470-3474

SIL 2-compliant switch monitor

Designed for flow assurance and alarming, SIL 2-compliant FS10i flow switch/monitor has air/gas sensitivity and setpoint range from 0.25 to 400 SFPS (0.076 to 122 MPS) and for water or liquids from 0.01 to 0.5 FPS (0.003 to 0.15 MPS). It's suitable for use in fluid temperatures from -40° F to 250 °F (-40° to 212 °C) and at pressures up to 2,000 psi (138 bar). FS10i comes standard with a 1-A relay output for alarm/trip point setting instead of an open collector, and a 4-20 mA analog output for trending and monitoring.

Fluid Components INTERNATIONAL / 760-744-6950

Six-solution flow portfolio

Rotamass Total Insight (TI) four-wire, Coriolis mass flowmeters and transmitters include six sensors and two transmitters that can be configured to suit different needs, such as high pressures, high temperatures or processes with hygienic or cryogenic conditions. General-purpose Essential and high-end Ultimate transmitters come with an AC/DC universal power supply, and can handle a range of functions. Rotamass TI also includes software to help pick the right sensor and transmitter combination, and commission it.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. of America

Surface acoustic wave for hygiene 

Type 8098 Flowave flowmeter employs surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology, and is designed for applications with the greatest hygienic requirements. It also uses accepted stainless-steel materials, including a tube free of inner parts, and an outer design without any fixing components like screws. Flowwave also features flexibility and cleanability in CIP and SIP applications, compact size, light weight, easy installation and handling, and it's compliant with numerous standards.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems / 800-325-1405

Mix and measure gases

Model FT1 thermal mass flowmeter includes a DDC-Sensor digitally controlled sensor; Gas-SelectX onboard gas selection menu; Zero Cal-Check in-situ calibration validation routine; RS485 Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP as optional communication protocols; standard USB port for direct meter-to-PC connections; and FT1 View software for configuring, graphing and logging data. It also has a 4-20 mA output for flow or temperature, and a second output selectable for pulse output or RS485, Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP.

Fox Thermal Instruments Inc. / 831-384-4300

Hot tap or compact insertion 

VN2000 hot tap and VN2000 compact insertion vortex flowmeters measure volumetric or mass flow rates over a large flow range. Its versatile, solid stainless-steel design can measure water as low as 1.32 feet per second and superheated steam up to 250 feet per second. VN2000 hot tap insertion vortex flowmeter handles process temperatures up to 400 ˚F (204 ˚C), and can measure line sizes of 2 in. to 48 in. (50 mm to 1,200 mm. For volumetric flow, it achieves an accuracy of ±1.0% with repeatability of ±0.25%.

Badger Meter / 877-243-1010

Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter 

DUC portable or stationary ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters use acoustic time-of-flight technology. They offer a flow velocity range of 0 to 98 ft/sec, can be used on pipes from ³/8 in. to 20 feet, and can handle temperatures from -40 °F to 300 °F. They feature an easy-to-read interface, quick-mount system and DSP technology that reduces signal echoes and dispersion effects, which has a positive effect on the signal-to-noise ratio. 

Kobold / 800-998-1020

Flow switch with no moving parts 

SP Series thermal dispersion flow switch for monitoring flow/no-flow conditions of liquids in pipes and other conduits has adjustable sensitivity and alarm threshold, and no moving parts. The temperature difference of its two thermal sensing elements is related to flow. It can be provided with a solid-state switch or relay alarm output. SP Series has stainless-steel construction, as well as insertion lengths from 1 in. to 8 in. It's also available for use with hazardous or explosive fluids.

Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc. / 815-632-3132

Turbine flowmeter for sanitary 

Sanitary Design stainless-steel turbine flowmeter for sanitary process liquid measurement complies with ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard BPE-2016. It's available in 11 sizes from 1/4 in. to 3 in. with Tri-Clamp fittings, covering flow rates from 0.35 to 650 gpm. It includes a 17.4 PH stainless-steel rotor and hard-carbon composite bearings. Linearity is ±0.5% of reading or better. Repeatability is ±0.1% of reading or better. Temperature range of process fluid with standard magnetic pickup coil is -40 °F to 325 °F.

Hoffer Flow Controls Inc. / 800-628-4584

Spool-type ultrasonic 

Spool-type ultrasonic flowmeter employs wetted sensors to achieve precision and accuracy, resulting in reduced energy consumption and costs. The flowmeter is low-maintenance and easy to use with an accessible front panel and simple configuration and data management by PCs. With improved zero-point stability and sensitivity, it’s suitable for plant applications and filtration equipment.

Fuji Electric Corp. of America / 732-564-5143

Volume, mass, energy in one 

FSV400 vortex and FSS400 swirl flowmeters can measure volume, mass and energy flow in a single device, providing significant savings. Both come as basic versions for simple applications, and as extended versions with functions normally found in flow computers. Simple and robust, they have no moving parts and provide high accuracy.

ABB Inc. / 800-435-7365

Handles insensitive to entrained gases 

Optimass 7400 Coriolis mass flowmeter with Entrained Gas Management (EGM) allows continuous measurement with 0% to 100% gas entrainment. It's reported to be the only sensor for mass flow with one straight measuring tube available in titanium, stainless steel, Hastelloy or tantalum. Optimass 7400’s outer cylinder has a typical burst pressure of greater than 100 bar(g) or 1,450 pounds per square inch gage (psig) with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)-approved secondary pressure containment available.

Krohne / 800-FLOWING (356-9464)

Microwave switch for early detection 

Gladiator microwave switch provides a high-power, circular, polarized microwave pulse that's emitted in a transmission chain of approximately 100 pulses per second, which combine with digital micro-controller technology to achieve 50 times more sensitivity than previous units. Gladiator's digital processing allows simple setup; can detect buildup and automatically compensate; can to raise a maintenance alarm well before failure; and performs diagnosis via Modbus or GPRS modem for remote performance monitoring.

Hawk Measurement Systems / 978-304-3000