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Honeywell teams with Krohne for new flowmeter offering

June 12, 2007
Ted Dimm explains the scope of Honeywell’s new venture into high-performance Coriolis, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and vortex flowmeters at the 2007 Honeywell Users' Group Symposium in Phoenix.
While much of the attention yesterday was garnered by its OneWireless announcement, Honeywell also announced Monday its entry into the flowmeter market, punctuating the company’s commitment to measurement technologies iterated by Honeywell Process Solutions President Jack Bolick in his opening comments. “The field is very important to Honeywell,” Bolick said.

The new VersaFlow line of high-performance flowmeters also marks an important relationship with Krohne, the German maker of process instrumentation with more than 80 years’ experience in flowmeter design and manufacturing. Krohne will make the VersaFlow line to Honeywell’s standards and Honeywell will distribute and support it through its existing sales and distribution channels.

“Our customers were asking for more types of process measurement devices compatible with our automation and control solutions,” said Revathi Advaithi, vice president and general manager of HPS Field Solutions. “By combining Krohne’s expertise and Honeywell’s global sales and support network, we’re giving our customers exactly what they want—a single source for level one field devices and system solutions.”

Four flowmeters comprise the VersaFlow line:

  • The VersaFlow electromagnetic flowmeter is a general-purpose transducer suitable for a variety of measuring tasks and applications. It delivers reliability even when media changes rapidly, pH shifts, flows pulsate or large amounts of solids are present.
  • The VersaFlow ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for liquid applications and provides flow measurements independent of conductivity, viscosity, temperature, density and pressure. The meter has three beams that generate measurements independently of flow profile.
  • The VersaFlow vortex flowmeter is unique in that it integrates pressure and temperature compensation in a two-wire device. 
  • The VersaFlow Coriolis mass flowmeter reliably measures mass flow, density, volume flow, temperature, mass or volume concentration.

Honeywell will begin accepting orders for its VersaFlow meters at the end of June.

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