Electrochem wireless sensors certified for hazardous environments

April 29, 2010
Significant for use in harsh oil and gas applications

CLARENCE, N.Y. -- Electrochem announced today that its line of wireless pressure, temperature and flow sensors have attained certification for use in hazardous environments from CSA International. The certification applies to U.S. (Class I; Division 1; Groups A, B, C, D; T4) and Canada (Ex/AEx ia IIC T4).

Specifically designed for rough and harsh environments, these products are constructed with 316L stainless steel housing and a stainless steel wetted surface pressure diaphram with a proprietary sputtered thin-film, full-bridge strain gauge circuit. The sensors also use aerospace-quality sensing elements and are assembled in a sealed housing.

"Electrochem's wireless sensor construction provides a detector in which stability, interchangeability and accuracy are the highest available for industrial process, manufacturing and automation applications, including the oil and gas industry," commented Linda Collette, director of business development and marketing for Electrochem. "This certification will allow us to better service a range of applications in the energy market, both onshore to offshore, with this ground-breaking technology."