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Differentiated solutions open opportunity for new markets

Jan. 23, 2023
Radar level solutions enter food and beverage, and water/wastewater applications.

Nowadays, you can build more compact radars that are more fit-for-purpose and for industries that are more cost-sensitive, like food and beverage or wastewater.

Feeding food and beverage

“In June 2021, Emerson released the world’s first non-contacting radar level transmitter, the Rosemount 1408H, designed specifically for food and beverage applications. It answered to the need for a cost-effective, highly accurate and reliable level measurement device in hygienic applications. Dedicated features help manufacturers optimize the efficiency of their operations, reduce product losses and ensure food safety,” says Anna Olander, director, radar new markets.

Non-contacting radar is an ideal level measurement technology for applications that require stringent hygienic facilities and equipment. It is virtually maintenance-free, which helps it to ensure long-term reliability, in sharp contrast to legacy technologies. It has a top-down installation that reduces the risk of product loss through leakage, and it is unaffected by process conditions such as density, viscosity, temperature and pH. The compact and robust form of the Rosemount 1408H makes it a suitable solution for the small tanks and space-constrained skids commonly used in food and beverage production. The hygienic antenna is flush with the process connection that ensures the removal of process residue during clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place processes, and is insensitive to condensation and build-up. The hygienically approved, IP69-rated device has a stainless-steel housing with minimal crevices to withstand external washdowns and ensure cleanability.

The Rosemount 1408H was the first level transmitter to use 80 GHz frequency modulated continuous wave technology on a single electronic chip with embedded smart algorithms. This enables exceptional radar beam focusing, so that internal tank obstructions such as agitators can be avoided, and greater measurement accuracy is achieved. Fast sweep technology makes the Rosemount 1408H the quickest level measurement technology on the market, collecting up to 40 times more information than legacy transmitters. This increases measurement accuracy, enabling manufacturers to reduce the amount of product lost through waste maximizes production capability, and reduces production variations, leading to increased product quality and batch consistency. The technology also enables measurements all the way to the top of the tank, through elimination of radar dead-zones, enabling users to maximize vessel utilization.

The Rosemount 1408H was the first non-contacting radar transmitter with connectivity to the IO-Link communication protocol, making it easy to integrate with any automation system. The transmitter provides both conventional 4-20 mA, switch outputs and digital high-speed communication. It features innovative technology and smart algorithms to ensure installation and commissioning are made easy, saving time and helping ensure trouble-free operation. Testament to its innovative design, the Rosemount 1408H received the 2021 Red Dot Award for product design. The annual international awards, adjudicated by a jury of significant engineering and design professionals who assess thousands of new products each year, recognize those products which demonstrate outstanding design and innovation.

Working to suit water and wastewater

While Emerson has “built on” to its existing products for food and beverage, it recently launched the Rosemount 1208 Radar, which is built upon the same platform, according to Olander. This product is focused as fit-for-purpose for water and other simpler applications. “The Rosemount 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter Series features a resistant and compact plastic housing, making it ideal for water and wastewater or other process utility applications. Immune to outdoor conditions and environmental variables such as sunlight, wind, or flooding, the 1208 Series will offer improved monitoring and help optimize processes with the demands that this market requires, such as compactness, mounting flexibility or ease of integration. It’s really done to help the customers by offering them better technology that is cost-efficient, compared to ultrasonic and hydrostatic devices, which are old and prone-to-failure technologies used in this market,” she says of the new launch.

 Rosemount 1208 is simple to order, install, operate and maintain. Designed specifically for these applications, it provides a step-change increase in measurement performance and process visibility to help operators maximize the potential of their plant. Water is an essential natural resource, and it needs to be managed effectively to ensure its quality and safety, but also to achieve sustainable development. It is launched together with the Rosemount 3490, an intuitive controller that features a color LCD display to provide an improved user experience. The controller can be paired with compatible transmitters and provides control functionality and visual presentation of the values. “So, focus is on ease-of-use,” Olander concludes.

On the horizon

Looking further into the near future, Emerson is focused on several horizons for its radar technology. One is more incremental optimization of its existing technology. “We already know radar well, so we are targeting new industry or market segments. Now we have the ability to make it specific to market needs,” Olander says.

Other areas are the use of data from radar to help customers optimize their processes, as well as looking at disruptive, radical, or architectural innovations that can help Emerson’s customers.

The future holds boundless opportunities for radar level measurement technology. As the market leader, Emerson is ready to take on the new challenges. 

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Len Vermillion | Editor in Chief

Len Vermillion is editor-in-chief of Control.