VEGA launches multi-application radar level sensor

March 8, 2022

VEGA Americas Inc. reported on several milestones during its online Feb. 24 press conference, including its June 1 opening of a new headquarters in Mason, Ohio, near Cincinnati, and the recent sale of its one-millionth radar-level device worldwide. However, these items were eclipsed by its unveiling of a game-changing radar level sensor that's both simpler and can measure in every application and setting.

"We gained a lot of experience selling 1 million devices, which let users interpret future signals and limits, and also help them create safe environments that limit risk," said John Groom, co-CEO at VEGA Americas. "For example, our compact radar sensors have increased in food, pharmaceutical and water/wastewater applications as they expanded during the pandemic, while we also sold 85,000 Proline components for more complex processes last year. We know what to use where, but all these frequencies, measurement ranges, medium properties and other options can be confusing for users trying to secure the best measurement for their situation."

VEGA experts already answer these questions for users worldwide, but now it's offering a device that can make their choices even simpler. Scheduled to ship in early May, VEGAPULS 6X radar sensor can employ several frequencies, and measure in all types of applications and mediums from liquids to bulk solids. It also simplifies configuration with software that lets users adjust for six key parameters, such as vessel height, distance, and measurement, application and medium types.

VEGAPULS 6X's versatility is accomplished by VEGA's new "radarchip" microprocessor, which it developed in-house, and provides expanded application possibilities and simpler operation, and a self-diagnosis system that immediately detects damage or interference and ensures significantly higher availability and safety. The radarchip's improved dynamic range and sensitivity gives VEGAPULS 6X at least a 120-meter measurement range with ±1 mm accuracy, while its improved bandwidth and resolution lets the sensor measure solids down to just 12 inches from the top of vessels.

“VEGAPULS 6X makes the process of configuring your sensor simple,” said Scott Rollman, sales director at VEGA. “Our customers can now choose the very best sensor possible as dictated by the application that they have great knowledge about. The days of having to know many confusing model numbers and frequency ranges are over.”

VEGAPULS 6X is the company's first 80-GHz sensor with SIL certification. It also complies with the IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity standard. "SIL certification means safety from inside the device, while IEC 62433 compliance means safety from external threats,” added Greg Tischler, product manager at VEGA.