Innovative program to smooth boiler system start-ups

Feb. 5, 2010

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — The Clark-Reliance Corporation has announced a new program designed to greatly improve the efficiency of its customers' boiler start-ups. The SureStart Operator Assurance Program is available free of charge to qualified purchasers of boiler control systems manufactured by Clark-Reliance. Participants receive a full-day, on-site product application and operation training review from a direct factory expert.

The expert will verify the proper installation and configuration of all Clark-Reliance boiler level control and indication products and verify that all related (non-Clark-Reliance) equipment has been installed in accordance to Section I of the ASME Code. Any differences will be formally reported with proper solutions, assuring the system will be in optimum operational condition and be in compliance with Section I of the ASME Code. Additionally, because an understanding of Section I of the ASME Code, PG-60 is critical to operation and maintenance, the Clark expert will train the plant's O&M crew in code compliance and standard practices to help assure optimum equipment performance and plant safety.

Finally, the expert will provide hands-on training for each Clark device at the plant. Video cameras are encouraged, as many plants tape the sessions for future reference.

"The SureStart program provides specific tangible benefits to our customers," said Jim Kolbus, Clark-Reliance product manager. "Start-up issues are greatly reduced, safety (plant/personnel) is increased, and boiler operators can expect more stable operations with less frequent and more predictable maintenance. Also, equipment life is maximized, providing a superior return on investment for our customers."