AccuTrak AT100 and AT200 get Foundation Fieldbus Certification

May 28, 2009

PRAIRIEVILLE, La. -- K-TEK, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art instrumentation for level, pressure, and temperature measurement, has announced that the AccuTrak AT100 and AccuTrak AT200 high-accuracy, magnetostrictive liquid level transmitters have been certified by the Fieldbus Foundation. The AccuTrak transmitters are the only magnetostrictive transmitters in the industry to be certified for Fooundation Fieldbus and certified using the enhanced H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) 5.1.0. This ensures conformity with the Foundation Fieldbus Function Block and Transducer Block specifications.
The AccuTrak AT100 is a high-accuracy, magnetostrictive level transmitter that can be directly inserted into the medium to be measured; the AccuTrak AT200 is an externally mounted, non-contact transmitter that can be attached to the K-TEK KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge or other magnetic gauges to form a complete level measuring system. The AccuTrak AT100 and AT200 transmitters operate on the magnetostrictive principle. K-TEK's patented, torsional wave sensor converts mechanical torsion into a strong electrical return pulse that provides highly reliable position measurements, even in harsh environments.