Bhattacharya takes Eberhart’s Old Spot at Invensys

March 2, 2009
New Apointee to Fill COO Vacant Spot at Invensys Process Systems
This news article was printed in CONTROL's March 2009 edition.

Sudipta Bhattacharya, currently president of Wonderware, has been tapped, at least on an interim basis, to fill the vacant spot left by Paulett Eberhart’s departure from Invensys Process Systems. He will also serve as COO of Invensys’ other industrial automation units, Wonderware and Eurotherm. He will answer directly to Ulf Henriksson. Jeff Greene, who was president of Eurotherm, is serving as senior vice president in charge of the Industrial Automation integration team Invensys wants to more closely integrate its three automation businesses—IPC, Wonderware and Eurothem—in the hopes of building bigger market share and better servicing its clients. Its strategy is to focus on defining the new market space between the automation and ERP layer—and to develop the strategy that will make Invensys the leader in that space.

The first move in this direction was the formation of an Industrial Automation integration team, a cross-functional group drawn from all three businesses, under the leadership of Greene. Appointing Bhattacharya interim COO of all three units seems to be step two.

Reporting to Bhattachayra and assuming functional responsibilities across the three IA business groups on an interim basis will be Phil Clark, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Gerhard Du Plessis, vice president of legal, Wayne Edmunds, vice president of finance and information technology, Pankaj Mody, vice president of development and technology and Ron Wichter, senior vice president of delivery, supply chain and manufacturing.