Emerson delivers Rosemount tank gauging system to Qatargas LNG tanks

Oct. 22, 2007

Gothenburg, Sweden, October 22. Emerson Process Management has a contract for delivery of a Rosemount Tank Gauging system to the Qatargas II project. The 5 tanks’ LNG tank content management system is ready to be delivered in October.

Each tank will be equipped with three radar level gauges, type Rosemount TankRadar Rex 3960, mounted on still-pipes. One gauge is used as a primary level device, another is used for secondary level and the third for Hi-Hi and Lo-Lo alarm detection. In this project, radar is the preferred technology for all three independent measurements.

In addition, the tanks will have two Scientific Instrument LTD 6290 Level, Temperature and Density profilers. Each tank will have one dedicated PC with complete LNG Inventory Display & Management Software in the control room. Tank data is also fed into a DeltaV host computer system.

This major LNG project comprises construction of some of the world’s largest Prestress Concrete LNG storage tanks, 50 m high and with a net capacity of 140 000 m3 each. The first tank will be in operation in early 2008, with the next ones being started up within one month intervals. IHI, a leading Japanese engineering company, is responsible for tank construction and instrumentation within the project.

The Qatargas II project is split between Qatar Petroleum (65%), ExxonMobil (18.3%) and Total (16.7%). The project provides two additional very large gas liquefaction trains at the Ras Laffan industrial city natural gas facility in Qatar. Each new train is capable of processing in excess of 5.3 mtpa of natural gas for export by LNG tankers.