MTS Sensors revitalizes Level Plus brand

Oct. 4, 2007

Cary, N.C. October 3 — MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division announced the revival of the Level Plus brand name for its liquid level sensors. The restored brand name coincides with the development of the sensors’ increased capabilities including enhanced temperature measurement performance and the availability of the Foundation Fieldbus protocol.“MTS Sensors has pledged to place considerable marketing efforts behind the Level Plus brand, which pioneered magnetostriction for level measurement, to keep it as the market leader while expanding its technical performance,” said Lee Aiken, product marketing manager, MTS.

MTS first invented the Level Plus sensors, the company’s sole liquid level product line, more than twenty years ago. Since that time, innovations such as reading product, interface, and temperature from one gauge; a flexible sensing element for easier installation; and lengths up to 65 feet for terminals have been developed. While the sensors have been a mainstay in the company’s product catalog, the brand name was made less prominent as MTS focused on the performance and application of the line. “The Level Plus brand introduced these developments and is the leader in accuracy and reliability,” said Aiken.

The Level Plus M-Series line of liquid level sensors includes the MG, MR, MC420, and the USTDII. Each sensor utilizes Temposonics technology to provide the superior accuracy despite changing environmental conditions such as pressure, temperature, gas layering, foam or dielectric constant. The MG and MR sensors monitor the product, interface, and temperature all from a single process opening. Both are I.S.- and XP-approved. The MG’s output can be either Modbus or DDA, a proprietary ASCII-based protocol. The Modbus protocol also provides volume measurement with the usage of up to 100-point strapping tables and temperature correction according to API standards. The output for the MR is one or two 4-20 mA loops with HART.

The MG and MR are available in lengths up to 300 inches in a rigid stainless steel pipe or with 3A-approved sanitary pipes. Both are also available in a stainless steel flexible hose, up to 480 inches long for the MR and up to 720 inches long for the MG. The MC420 is an economical solution for customers needing a 4-20 mA analog sensor with HART. The USTDII is targeted at the underground storage market with its ability to output product, interface, and temperature. It is available with the DDA output in lengths to 149 inches. Both the MC420 and the USTDII have received I.S. approval.