Keeping tabs on temperature resources

Oct. 5, 2015
The editors of Control present the latest online resources to help you with temperature measurement.


For many temperature measurement scenarios, "close enough" isn't good enough. In many processes, a half-degree Celsius can make a big difference in quality, potential profit and safety. The whitepaper, "Avoid Pitfalls in Precision Temperature Measurement," discusses new equipment and standards, such as LAN Extensions for Instrumentation (LXI) that offer a methodology to perform these exacting measurements in test and control applications. Read it to find out what you need to know to select the best temperature measurement solution for your test and control application. The whitepaper also describes the common pitfalls of precision temperature measurement. It's free paper and  available at
Data Translation


You can find answers to 30 common temperature measurement questions by reading "The Engineer's Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement" from Emerson Process Management. It's an indispensable, go-to guide that contains a collection of frequently asked questions about temperature measurement basics, engineering and design, maintenance and calibration. It also has conversion tables, plus 100 case histories based on the experiences of customers in a variety of industries and applications. The guide is free, but registration is required. The direct link is located at
Emerson Process Management


There are myriad devices for monitoring and controlling temperature, ranging from simple temperature controllers to complex distributed control systems. Most of them are well-suited for the jobs for which they're intended, but users must take extra care when applying them in harsh industrial environments. Many low-cost monitoring and control devices and systems perform well in applications where they aren't exposed to environmental stress, but they often will not perform well in environments with excessive electrical noise or when exposed to over-voltage input conditions. Therefore, selecting the right equipment for the right environment is critical for accurate and reliable performance. ISA's "Selecting Temperature Measurement and Control Systems" will help you choose the best temperature control for your industrial application. See


"Temperature Controller Basics Handbook" is a brief, free survey of the basic elements of temperature controllers. Subjects covered include inputs, outputs, measurement parameters, types of controllers, voltages, DIN sizes, agency approvals, front panel ratings and more. The direct link is at


This free, 28-page PDF from the Pennsylvania State University School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. provides the low-down on NTC thermistors—types, sizes, properties and materials, plus, how to specify resistors, temperature curves and calibration of thermistors. The direct link is at
Pennsylvania State University


This 84-page PDF is both a framework for a two-step process for teaching temperature basics and a source for that basic information. It covers aspects of temperature measurement as used in process instrumentation and control. Subjects include heat transfer, thermal expansion, temperature scales, types of thermometers, thermocouples, resistive temperature detectors (RTDs), thermisters, calibration and more. It has numerous charts, graphs and demonstration drawings. The direct link is
Idaho State University


This paper covers some of the basics of temperature measurement and technical advances that impart a higher degree of safety and reliability. It also compares thermocouples and RTDs, and the use of transmitters versus direct wiring. Go to  

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