Hot Temperature Products

Sept. 18, 2009
Automation FIeld Instruments to Measure Temperature
INFRARED THERMOMETER FOR FOODOmega Engineering203/359-1660The OS303 uses a hazard analysis and critical control point check mode that features three visible LED icons to indicate whether the temperature is within FDA guidelines for frozen or hot foods. It also features a lock mode for continuous readings of up to 30 minutes for infrared surface temperatures and four minutes for internal readings with the stainless-steel probe. This CE- and RoHS-compliant thermometer also has adjustable emissivity and auto power off. Users can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit degree measurement. Perfect for sanitary, food and labs.
MULTI-CHANNEL TEMP TRANSMITTERMoore Industries818/894-7111Temperature Concentrator System (TCS) accepts any combination of RTD, T/C, mV and resistance/potentiometer signal inputs, converts them to the HART protocol, and transmits  data from the field to the control room on an economical HART digital data link over a twisted-pair wire. All process, status and diagnostic information can then be accessed by a HART-based control system. When used with the optional HMC HART-to-Modbus converter, HMC transmits HART data as a Modbus RTU signal, which interfaces with any Modbus RTU-based PC, PLC or control system. TCS can be set to accept RTD  thermocouple,  resistance/potentiometer, and millivolt inputs.
SIGNAL-CONDITIONING INPUT MODULESDataforth800-444-7644       SCM5B47 is a series of linearized thermocouple input modules that provides one channel of thermocouple input that’s filtered, isolated, amplified, linearized and converted to a high-level analog voltage output. This voltage output is logic-switch controlled, allowing the modules to share a common analog bus without requiring external multiplexers. SCM5B modules are designed with an isolated computer side circuit that can be floated to ±50V from Power Common, pin 16.  SCM5B47 has interfaces to Types J, K, T, E, R, S, N and B thermocouples. Input is protected to 240 VAC continuous. It’s CSA-certified, FM-approved and CE- and ATEX-compliant.
DIAL A TEMPifm efector800/441-8246 The compact TK Series switch and its 316 stainless-steel RTD probe measure only 72 mm, and are directly mounted into a pipe. Two mechanical setup dials rotate to quickly establish the setpoint and resetpoint temperatures. Two bright LEDs indicate switching and operating status. Electrical connection is achieved with an industry-standard Micro DC connector. A locking device prevents unintentional setpoint changes. Operating temperature range is -13 °F  to 284°F (-25 °C to 140 °C). Fixed and adjustable hysterisis models available.
RAIL-MOUNT TEMP TRANSMITTERSSiemens Energy and Automation(215) 646-7400      When connected in the 4-20 mA loop,  Sitrans TR200 and TR300, designed for rail mounting, need no additional power supply. TR200 is configured using a PC, and TR300 uses a HART interface. Both feature a diagnostics LED that indicates the function status, which quickly detects open or short circuits, so they can be corrected. The temperature transmitters support all standard RTDs and thermocouples, as well as resistance and voltage inputs.
DIGITAL SWITCHESUnited Electric Controls617-926-4354     One Series line of digital pressure and temperature switches offers fast response—50 ms vs. 350 ms for a smart transmitter—and the ability to take action directly in the field at the point of critical measure, making the system less complex and more reliable. One Series offers a long service life, with a risk reduction factor of 93% and a mean time to fail spurious (MTTFS) of more than seven years. One Series is for alarm and shutdown applications that demand a switch that never needs calibration, has programmable adjustability and 0.1% repeatability.
ALL-PURPOSE INFRARED THERMOMETERSWilliamson Corp.978/369-9607The new single-wavelength Gold series is a non-contact temperature measuring sensor with either fiber-optics or laser aiming useable in diverse applications. The sensors are protected in stainless-steel enclosures and include a built-in digital display for local viewing. The temperature monitoring limits are 0 ºF to 4500 ºF (20 ºC to 2500 ºC). Gold 30 uses a small fiber-optic cable to view the target, while the sensor is mounted in a remote or more convenient location. Fiber-optic cable lengths can vary from 3 ft to 30 ft (1 m to 9 m), and can survive ambient exposures up to 400 ºF (200 ºC). Calibration accuracy is 0.25% of reading. It has repeatability of 1C and response time of 10 ms to 50 ms.
SMART TEMPERATURE SENSORSTurck800/544-7769    Turck TS400 and TS500 temperature sensors are platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). The sensors may be mounted directly or remotely, and sense a temperature range of -50º C to 500 ºC (-50 ºF to 932 ºF). Available process connections include compression fittings, thermowells and tri-clamp fittings. TS400 and TS500 sensors are available with two switch points, an analog current output with one switch point, and an analog voltage output with one switch point. Multiple outputs are programmed via pushbuttons, and do not require regular maintenance calibration. A recessed “enter” key helps prevent unintentionally altering stored values. 
WIRELESS TRANSMITTEREmerson/Rosemount800/999-9307Rosemount 848T wireless temperature transmitter for high-density temperature measurement has four-channel efficiency to dramatically reduce per point costs, and thereby deliver more measurement data. A new Electronic Device Display user interface provides simple, graphical screens to deliver important configuration and information. 848T monitors up to four independently configurable RTD, thermocouple, ohm, millivolt and 4-20 mA inputs, allowing users access to more  important temperature measurements.  848T is fully compatible with any WirelessHART network.
MULTIPLE-INPUT TEMPERATURE METERRed Lion717/767-6511PAXLT temperature meter is programmable for 14 different thermocouple and RTD inputs for simplified set up and reliable temperature monitoring and control. Featuring PAX programming and a universal power supply with dual setpoint controls, PAXLT is easily configured to output at desired minimum and maximum temperatures, making it ideal for applications where dual output temperature monitoring is required. Output modes and setup options are fully programmable. PAXLT is manufactured with NEMA 4X/IP65 sealed bezel and complies with CE requirements. It has a five-digit, 0.56 in. high red LED display, backlight overlays (°C and °F), dual 5-amp form C relays, programmable temperature offset, ITS-90-compliant, UL-listed, universal power supply, and is NEMA 4X/IP65 rated. It also accepts 14 standard thermocouples and RTD input types 
SMART HART TEMP TRANSMITTERSABB Instrumentation215/674-6000TTH300 (head-mounted) and TTF300 (field-mounted) temperature transmitters feature user-friendly sensor calibration and innovative backup redundancy for two Platinum 100 resistance thermometers with three-wire connections. Inputs include resistance thermometers and thermocouples, resistance type transmitters and millivolt voltage transmitters. Two inputs may include RTD and thermocouples in combination. Output is a 4-20 mA signal incorporating HART protocol communications fieldbus technology. Measuring accuracy is ±0.1 K for Pt resistance thermometers along with long-term stability of ±0.05% per year.  Its large, easy-to-use terminal block with convenient cable guide ensures a secure connection with the sturdy and compact IP 66/67 (NEMA 4X) aluminum or 316L stainless-steel field housing.