Resource guide: Weighing systems

June 18, 2018
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Tank, custom scales book

This 150-page book, "Weigh module systems: engineering guidelines for customized scales," provides information on applications with load cells and weigh modules to help readers engineer effectivel weighing and inventory control systems. It covers: assessing tank, platform or conveyor system performance needs and setting performance criteria; engineering calculations that account for wind, seismic, shock and thermal effects; designing tank piping-connections to address support structures and foundations; qualification guidelines for structural, foundation, electrical and mechanical issues for best accuracy; and engineering specifications for compression, tension, static and dynamic load cell applications. It's available here

Mettler Toledo

Strain gauge/load cell video

This almost 8-minute video, "Electronic Basics #33: Strain Gauge/Load Cell and how to use them to measure weight," in the Great Scott series provides a refresher on how these electronic components can be used to determine weight in mainstream and industrial systems. Watch it here

Great Scott!

Bulk scale maintenance

Two blog articles, "Keeping your bulk material handling systems in balance—maintain your scales" and "Do your idler rolls meet the total indicated run out (T.I.R.) tolerance?," by Bill Ripka at ThermoFisher Scientific shows users how to give their scales, scale areas, belt conveyors and equipment the care they deserve. The first article also has a maintenance checklist chart. Read the blogs here.  

ThermoFisher Scientific

Hidden costs of inaccuracy

This white paper, "The hidden and surprising costs of weighing inaccuracy," by BLH Nobel provides information to help process automation professionals define their weighing needs, and identify the cost of reduced weighing accuracy in their plants. Topics include: how slight improvements in weighing accuracy can provide significant savings; signs that a weighing system may be incurring excessive costs; difference between accuracy and repeatability; and performing statistical analysis of accuracy and lifecycle impact with Syscalc, a sizing software system from BLH Nobel. Download the white paper


Load cell wiring app

What's reported to be the first mobile app for the weighing industry is based on the popular "Load Cell Wiring Guide" that helps technicians decipher the wiring colors of almost any given load cell brand and model. It's now available as a free mobile application for smart phones, tablets and PCs. Users simply select the brand and model for a load cell, and the app does the rest, showing which wires represent excitation, signal and sense lines. It's available here.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Water, batching case studies

Two one-page case studies, "Weight control in water treatment" and "Batching and blending in tire manufacturing," by Hardy Instruments show the challenges and solutions for using weighing technologies to aid process control applications. They're located here and here

Hardy Instruments

Filling, weighing webinar

This 47-minute video, "Hygienic and accurate filling, weighing system webinar," covers a brief history of filling and weighing systems; filling and weighing system functions; features, designs and customization options; benefits and capabilities of Hosokawa technology; and common and unique applications especially with respect to high-containment applications. Watch the video here

Hosokawa Micron

Last time around

The last version of this topic, "Weighing systems tip usefulness scale," was in the June, 2016 issue of Control. It's available here