IO-Link smart field I/O

Jan. 30, 2023

As the interface between field devices and higher-level controllers/information systems, IO-Link master modules from Stride and Murrelektronik can handle traditional field I/O signals along with diagnostic data from intelligent field devices, including device health, configured parameters, and performance.

These two IO-Link master modules convert IO-Link signals to/from EtherNet/IP, OPC UA, and MQTT. Stride IO-Link master converts IO-Link data to EtherNet/IP messages, while Murrelektronik premium module provides the same advantages as a lower-cost version, with the added capabilities of OPC and MQTT.

These IO-Link hubs provide up to 16 multifunctional DIO channels that allow several standard sensors and actuators to connect to an IO-Link master using one cable. IO-Link hubs offer an economical solution for decentralized installations. A variety of IO-Link capable photoelectric and proximity sensors are available that provide signal data, as well as internal diagnostics, to keep operators aware of sensor faults and performance issues.