I/O Systems

Figure 1: From a real estate standpoint, developing something so it is “backwards compatible” has the potential to make the DCN a reality
I/O Systems

I/O systems get smarter, simpler

Often overlooked, I/O Systems remain critical to any control loop
This simplified Open Process Automation (OPA) reference architecture shows what types of devices ExxonMobil and its OPA Testbed Lab are evaluating for conformance with O-PAS, V2.1 and whether they can meet ExxonMobil’s requirements for field use. Components tested include: 1) industrial PC (IPC)-based distributed control node (DCN) computing without local I/O, 2) network-connected remote I/O, 3) advanced computing platform hosting virtual DCNs, and 4) DCNs with local I/O. They’ll likely be deployed in ExxonMobil’s OPA field trial that’s expected to start operating later this year in a manufacturing automation system at an ExxonMobil facility in Baton Rouge, LA. Source: ExxonMobil
Distributed Control

ExxonMobil OPA field trial on the docket

A pioneering open process automation (OPA) testbed by ExxonMobil serves as a model for other and is culminating in a operational field trial this year
These profiles for “distributed control node (DCN)—I/O” and “DCN—compute” are two of the five developed by OPAF to clarify the roles and requirements that suppliers need to meet to produce products that comply with the Open Process Automation Standard (O-PAS), Version 2.1, that was finalized in the first week of February. This “Rosetta stone” for the physical platform defines locations in the O-PAS reference architecture where DCNs are deployed, and the conformance requirement profiles for each configuration, such as system management, OPC UA networking, security and others. Source: OPAF
Distributed Control

Latest OPAF headlines on interoperability projects

O-PAS sets the pace: in this second of a three-part series, members of the Open Process Automation Forum presented their progress report at the ARC Industry Forum in Orlando
O Pas Sets The Pace
Distributed Control

Shell, Petronas and Reliance develop O-PAS testbeds

O-PAS sets the pace: in this first of a three-part series, three major end users detail their efforts to implement and test Open Process Automation Standard (O-PAS) components...
I/O Systems

Wago converters add IO-Link communications to analog sensors and actuators

IP67-rated, I/O-Link-to-analog converters offer a solid, cost-effective solution for incorporating conventional analog sensors and actuators with IO-Link communications. 765-2702...
Galco (dinkle)
I/O Systems

DIN-rail terminal blocks from Dinkle handle 1.5 mm2 to 240 mm2 wires

Dinkle DIN-rail terminal blocks are mounted on TS-35/32 DIN rails, and are designed for industrial power distribution equipment and control panel wiring applications. Their wire...
I/O Systems

LB remote I/O from Pepperl+Fuchs for Zone 2/Div. 2 areas

LB remote I/O system for Zone 2/Div. 2 is an energy-saving power management solution with low power dissipation that allows maximum packing density. Its high-performance modules...
Newark (weidmuller)
I/O Systems

I/O and fieldbus concept from Weidmuller has narrow, modular tool-free design

A remote I/O and fieldbus concept with IP 20, u-remote from Weidmuller is reported to enable tailored planning, faster installation, safer start-up and eliminate downtime. It ...
I/O Systems

EtherCAT I/O terminal supports high-voltage measurement for renewable energy and electric vehicles

Designed for batteries, generators and motor applications up to 1,000 V, ELM3002-0205 EtherCAT I/O terminal enables precise and reliable high-voltage measurements. It supports...
Phoenix Contact
I/O Systems

Terminal blocks provide direct wiring for all conductor types

XTV terminal blocks accommodate direct insertion of all conductor types—ferruled, solid or stranded wires. They’re also the first to feature Push-X connection technology that’...