Flexible sensor and actuator connectivity

Jan. 30, 2023

DP2.5SG modular sensor/actuator terminal blocks provide compact and reliable signals, power, and grounding connectivity for two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire sensors and actuators, while saving up to 75% on panel space compared to traditional multi-terminal installations. They’re 5.08 mm wide, and their modular design is a single-level, pass-through that’s mountable on a standard DIN rail for flexible installation. An optional, pluggable terminal block is available for more convenient factory-to-field wiring.

Contact materials are tin-plated copper alloy, using push-in design (PID) for reliable wire terminations over an -40 to 115 °C temperature range. Exclusive PID connectivity enables tool-free insertion of solid wires, stranded wires, or ferrules, saving up to 60% on wiring time compared to screws. They carry UL rating of 600 V and 20 A with wires ranging from 26 to 12 AWG, while power distribution terminal blocks are rated for 300 V and 10 A with wires ranging from 26 to 14 AWG.

Dinkle International