Remote modules add computing

Jan. 30, 2023

BusWorks NT Ethernet-expandable (NTE) remote I/O modules have added conditional logic on their web configuration page, which increases functionality with a system of rules that allows complex decisions based on yes/no questions. For example, reading an analog or digital input value can trigger an action, and this value could control a relay when one or more conditions occur. No programming is required. The modules support up to 64 conditions using if/then/else statements for rule-based I/O operations.

These I/O models have dual RJ45 ports and a webserver with Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP communications to monitor or control internal I/O channels. An integrated DIN rail bus allows connections of up to three NTX expansion I/O modules. Each I/O module adds up to 16 input or output signals, allowing a mix of voltage, current, temperature, TTL and relay control signals networked on one IP address. BusWorks NTE’s space-saving design requires only 25 mm of DIN rail per module. Ethernet I/O modules distribute 9-32 VDC power along the DIN rail bus to expansion modules. Hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity, and -40 to 70 °C operation make this I/O ideal for harsh settings.