XTV terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact provide direct wiring for all conductor types

Oct. 31, 2023

XTV terminal blocks accommodate direct insertion of all conductor types—ferruled, solid or stranded wires. They’re also the first to feature Push-X connection technology that’s similar to Push-in Technology (PT), but uses a preloaded, mousetrap design that keeps the leg-spring depressed. As a result, users only need to apply enough force to unlatch the spring, and directly insert any type of wire. In traditional PT, users completely depress the spring, so it can’t accept stranded wires.

Tapping the inserted conductor triggers the preloaded contact spring and automatically establishes safe contact. This reduces installation times and enables faster wiring without tools or force. To release the conductor, users press the orange pushbutton, the same method used in Push-in. The pushbutton always displays the chamber position clearly, regardless of the conductor diameter and orientation of the terminal block.

The initial XTV product range includes three cross-sections of 6, 10 and 16 mm². Push-X has been tested beyond standard requirements, making it suitable for applications that require high vibration resistance, gas tightness and robustness. XTV is also compatible with Clipline terminal blocks, making it easy to combine with other Phoenix Contact terminal blocks and accessories.

Phoenix Contact