UT Series feed-through terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have screw connections

Nov. 9, 2023

UT Series feed-through, screw-connection terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact combine screw-connections with spring-loaded contacts. Their snap-on PE foot and standardized bridges save time when creating terminal strips.

Users can connect conductors with a nominal cross-section, either with or without ferrules. It’s not necessary to tighten UT’s screws because they’re prevented from loosening by the maintenance-free Reakdyn principle, which is a screw-locking technique developed by Phoenix Contact. Large conductor cross-sections up to 240 mm2 can also be wired gas-tight and with long-term stability thanks to high contact forces.

UT’s screw connection is characterized by metals made of high-strength copper alloys, and simple, multi-conductor connections. They also feature:

  • Large wiring space that lets users connect solid and stranded conductors without ferrules, even above the nominal cross-section;
  • Compact design enables user-friendly wiring in small spaces;
  • ·Optimum screwdriver guidance through closed screw shafts;
  • Tested for railway applications; and
  • Cable entry funnel that enables use of conductors with ferrules and plastic collars in the nominal cross section.

RS (formerly Allied Electronics & Automation)