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Fieldbus plays the field

July 6, 2015
Low-power networking circuits and protocols are the glue allowing process applications to communicate and optimize. Here are some of the components they run on and enable.
High-Speed Computing

PFC200 features multiple fieldbus ports; high-speed, 600-MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor; 256 MB of onboard, 32 GB removable memory; and an integrated web server supporting Wago’s Web-Visu mobile application. PFC200 acts as a fieldbus gateway to communicate between Modbus TCP/UD/RTU, CAN, Profibus, Smart Grid and RS-232/RS-485, eliminating third-party converters.
800-DIN-RAIL (346-7245)

Power To Radar Level

Micropilot FMR5X free-space, radar-level transmitters have software with multi-echo tracking algorithms and echo interference suppression, which enables accuracy up to ±0.078 in. (2 mm) for level measurement of liquids and bulk solids. FMR5X can be loop powered by 4-20mA in a two-wire arrangement, a four-wire configuration, and with HART, Profibus PA and Foundation fieldbus.
888-ENDRESS (363-7377)

Conversion For 300 Protocols

Data Station Plus (DSP) is a single-device solution for protocol conversion. With support for over 300 protocols, DSP bridges the communication gap between serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices to connect PLCs, drives, PID controllers and more. Unlike other solutions with limited conversion capabilities, DSP simultaneously converts 13 protocols to reduce network complexity.
Red Lion Controls     

Automatic Switching To Backup

TS Series Trunksafe maintains continuous communication between a control system and instruments on a Foundation fieldbus H1 segment by using two parallel fieldbus cables and TS200 fault-tolerant device coupler to enable automatic switchover to a redundant path in case of segment faults—and does it without having to duplicate the entire H1 segment.
Moore Industries-International Inc.

Handheld Fieldbus Diagnostics

FDH-1 fieldbus diagnostic handheld is a portable device that works independently of a stationary PC, offers maximum flexibility, and incorporates a display that guides users through each task. With several language options, the menu is easy to understand and simplifies the handling of the diagnostic handheld. An embedded expert system displays instructions for causes and fault corrections.

Mobile Diagnostics For Valves

ValveLink Mobile software manages control valves on a Foundation fieldbus network. Available on 475 field communicators, ValveLink Mobile has an intuitive interface with large touchscreen icons that allow operators to configure, calibrate, validate, diagnose and troubleshoot valves in the field. Intrinsically safe field communicators extend ValveLink Mobile advantages to hazardous areas.
Emerson Process Management

Actuators Boost Valves

CMA electric actuators have  functions for manual local control, enhanced LCD positional display and programmable fail-to-position performance. Available for quarter-turn, rotary or linear operation, CMA actuators feature single-phase or direct-current supplies, easy mounting, accurate and repeatable position control, and permanently lubricated and maintenance-free drive trains.
Rotork Controls Inc.

Cables Certified For Extreme Service

Extremelife-40 Foundation fieldbus and Profibus PA cables are UL listed for Exposed Run (ER) and Direct Burial (DB), and provide crush and impact resistance. They’re also UV resistant, oil resistant to UL Oil Res 1, and FT4 flame retardant. UL 13 PLTC ER DB and UL 2250 ITC ER DB listings put them in compliance with NEC 725 and NEC 727 for use in Class I, Div. 2 locations.

Power For Networked Automation

Sitop PSU8600 power supply integrates into automation networks and Siemens’ TIA portal. Only 125-mm wide, PSU8600’s space-saving base unit provides 40 A. The system is modular and expandable with minimal added wiring by using built-in System Clip Link for connecting system data and supply energy. Up to 16 integrated Profinet output interfaces with selective monitoring are available.

Air/Gas Flow Via Foundation

ST100 Series flowmeters measure flow rate, totalized flow, temperature and optionally pressure for any air/gas application, and deliver process air/gas flow measurements over Foundation fieldbus with adaptable communications outputs. They can store and recall up to five unique calibrations, and with extended calibration routines, they can achieve up to 1,000:1 turndowns.
Fluid Components International           

Coupler/Link For Easy Conversion

FB-HSB-DP/PA coupler/link transparently converts Profibus DP to Profibus PA, while providing network diagnostics. It includes communication interface, Profibus DP repeater and Profibus PA Scope modules, which can provide conditioned power, using the provided power connection on the PA module. FB-HSB-DP/PA also has up to 10 DP or PA modules per head station.
Phoenix Contact

Managing Field Devices

FieldMate R3.01 versatile device management Wizard software configures, adjusts and manages a variety of field devices, and has added new functions for handing memos, photos and videos, as well as automatically generating reports. It supports communication protocols, such as Foundation fieldbus, Brain, HART and Profibus, as well as FDT/DTM open-software execution framework.
Yokogawa Corp. of America

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