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IIoT up close

June 28, 2023
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) quickly puts signals, data, computing and analytics at users’ fingertips—if they complete some basic programming and other tasks

It’s all about reducing distance. Just like any network, what makes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) useful is bringing faraway or hard-to-reach signals and other process data much closer to controllers and cloud-computing services to improve analyses, which enable better decisions, efficiency, optimization and profitability. What sets IIoT apart lately is it can achieve these goals faster and easier than its predecessors, provided users perform some common-sense design, setup and maintenance chores.

More data ducks in a row

IIoT mini-series — Day 1 — Renato Leal, executive director at GreyLogix Brasil, shows how IIoT lets users bring in more detailed data from more and further away locations than it’s possible to gather manually. Read more

Working the (easier) network

IIoT mini-series — Day 2 — To further automate its processes for building uranium fuel rods, Cameco is implementing IT-based tools like Docker container images, and getting help from 4IR to create a hybrid environment for running web-based Ignition SCADA software. Read more

Renovate the framework

IIoT mini-series — Day 3 — BASF's Reliability Center brings in and connects data from different sources by using AspenTech Inmation software to provide real-time, bidirectional connections viaa single-port TCP/IP. Read more

Where to crunch?

IIoT mini-series — Day 4 — Chengdu Xihui’s water utility in Tuanjie Town, China, adopted Insights Hub software and MindConnect 2040 IPC from Siemens to connect its processes, and reduced its monthly electric bill by 10% and saved 10% on chemicals. Read more

Balancing the data flood

IIoT mini-series — Day 5 — System integrator George T. Hall collaborates with clients on IIoT and digitalization. Read more

Traditional values boost IIoT

IIoT mini-series—Day 6—System integrator DataRealm puts the Industrial Internet of Things in its proper historical context, which also demonstrates how to develop and apply it. Read more

Popular IIoT programming components

IIoT mini-series—Day 7—A quick reexamination of the most well-known and widely used software tools for implementing IIoT applications. Read more

IIoT greases digitalization's wheels

IIoT mini-series—Day 8—System integrator Huffman Engineering shows how to pick the right IIoT combination. Read more

Want more effective IIoT? Collaborate with people

IIoT mini-series—Day 9—System integrator Patti Engineering regularly consults with clients to optimize data gathering, aided by IIoT and Ignition Edge web-based SCADA software. Read more

Familiarity with IIoT clarifies onsite vs. cloud debates

IIoT mini-series—Day 10—System integrator Hargrove Controls & Automation shows how to resolve virtualization and simulation, and on-premises and cloud-computing questions. Read more

About the Author

Jim Montague | Executive Editor

Jim Montague is executive editor of Control. 

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