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What can Ethernet-APL do for you?

May 29, 2024
Ethernet-Advanced Physical Layer (APL) starts with intrinsic safety, but high speed, diverse data, network simplicity and other advantages quickly follow

It only seems like Ethernet is everywhere. Sure, it underpins pretty much all networks, but there remain many holdout places where it can’t go, or where users are reluctant to send it. This delays or strands valuable signals and increasingly sophisticated data produced by intelligent sensors and instruments in the field, but it also prevents them from getting back analyses or instructions that could optimize their processes.

Day 1: Ethernet-APL runs at 10 Mbps, faster than protocols like Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA or HART. Read more.

Day 2: Phoenix Contact, Pepperl+Fuchs and Relcom presented Ethernet-APL products at Single-Pair Ethernet Education Day 2024. Read more.

Day 3: Since building its test lab in 2019-20 in Germany, BASF is still the furthest along in testing, applying and improving Ethernet-APL. Read more.

Day 4: Dow wants to learn "how Ethernet-APL can provide more data" and is setting up evaluations at laboratories in Houston and the Netherlands. Read more.

Day 5: Members of the NAMUR APL Task Force and ZVEI APL Task Force shared the advantages of Ethernet-APL at the SPS Nürnberg 2023 conference last November. Read more.

Day 6: Members of the Ethernet-APL organization provides unique insights into its inner workings and capabilities. Read more.

Day 7: How vendors have learned plenty about Ethernet-APL and how to employ it to gain the most benefits. Read more.

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