Molex's PROFIBUS DP-V0 Slave Communication Modules

March 18, 2015

Molex's Brad® SST™ Communication Modules SST-PB3S-CLX-RLL, SST-PB3S-CLX-RLL-CC and SST-PB3S-CLXT-RLLf are designed to handle up to 244 word data exchange for a slave connection of Rockwell Control Logix systems to PROFIBUS network. The Brad SST Communication Modules are PROFIBUS PNO-certified and fully compatible with the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture environment. The modules feature a custom add-on profile for Rockwell RSLogix 5000 and Studio5000 and enable simple, fill-in template configuration. The dedicated PROFIBUS slave modules, which include a scrolling LCD character display and built-in LEDs showing system, communication, and network status, simplifies user implementation and diagnostics. The custom add-on profile in the Logix programming environment eliminates the need for Ladder Logic for configuration and data transfer between the Brad SST Module and the processor.

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