Serial gateways with modules, web server for setting parameters

July 25, 2023

To connect any serial device to the Ethernet or cloud, DeviceMaster serial gateways provide a selection of modules and an integrated web server for setting serial communication parameters. They also support an array of modern and legacy devices, and can easily connect Ethernet-based controllers, SCADA systems and HMIs using various protocols. EtherNet/IP-to-Modbus and Profinet-to-Modbus versions enable bidirectional communication between EtherNet/IP or Profinet controllers and Modbus devices, while and TCP/IP versions connect to PC-based systems.

DeviceMaster’s web server allows configuration of serial parameters for individual ports via a web browser. For largescale applications requiring many gateways, free PortVision DX configuration and management software is ideal, and can manage serial devices, configure network settings, and clone or backup module configurations.