WirelessHART gateway for secure communications

July 27, 2023

FieldGate SWG50 WirelessHART gateway for secure communication from field devices is compact, cost-effective, and ready for integration with the Netilion cloud-based IIoT ecosystem, which sends field data straight to smartphones, tablet PCs or other devices

FieldGate SWG50 lets users monitor measurements and health statuses via WirelessHART, which is an economical alternative to complex and costly cable installations, reducing expenditures for process automation by up to 30%. Integrating FieldGate SWG50 into Netilion is simple and transparent using EdgeDevice SGC500, which is only available for purchase by Netilion users and for those with WirelessHART networks.

FieldGate SWG50 can be paired with FieldPort SWA70 and SWA50 adapters. It also works and seamlessly integrates with any WirelessHART device. Overall, FieldGate SWG50 allows:

  • Network migration by changing the network ID and joining keys for the complete network after the network is running;
  • A color-coded device list for easily understanding device status;
  • Four RJ-45 connectors for easily connecting plant and cloud networks, as well as accessing a web interface for configuration;
  • Redundant power supply;
  • Modbus TCP and HART-IP outputs;
  • Indoor housing rated at IP20 with DIN rail mounting;
  • Connection to 100 nodes; and
  • CommDTM to see and configure devices behind SWA50 and SWA70 in FieldCare.