Pocket-sized cable tester with big LCD screen

July 31, 2023

CableMaster 210 is a professional, economical Ethernet cable tester with a large LCD, backlit display that makes results easy to see and understand, and a remote tester that docks neatly inside the local tester, allowing the whole device to fit in a pocket. It’s part of a portfolio of Ethernet cable testers that includes the WireXpert copper cable certifier, FiberXpert fiber cable certifier, NetXpert XG2 Ethernet cable bit error rate tester (BERT) and LinkXpert active network tester.

For troubleshooting Ethernet cable or testing after cable installation, CableMaster 210’s local and remote testers connect to each end of a cable. A click of the large “OK” button starts the cable test. The results show pass/fail, resulting wiremap diagram, shorts, opens, mis-wires and length of cable. And for finding wires in a bundle of cables, CableMaster 210 includes a tone generator compatible with optional tone receiver Cable Probe (CP15) from Softing and optionally up to 24 cable identifiers.

Softing IT Networks