Standardized connectors replace manual wire splicing

Aug. 28, 2023

C&K SpaceSplice standardized, wire-to-wire connectors are designed to replace manual splicing processes in harsh environments. They connect two wires using D*MA crimpable, removable contacts. SpaceSplice is available in a one-way series that connects two wires with a standard solution and a four-way series that’s a stackable wire-to-wire connector with removable contacts that can benefit space applications where more than four ways are required.

SpaceSplice accepts most relevant and popular cable gauges, such as AWG 20 – AWG 30, which reduces costs and ensures that only required wires are used. They also allow manual and guiding-tool-assisted insertion, provide high radiation and temperature resistance, have low residual magnetism and low degassing, and comply with European Space Agency (ESA/ESCC 3401/097) specifications.

SpaceSplice is reported to be ideal for demanding wiring systems in military/aerospace applications such as satellites, launchers and payloads, heater, thermistor, and multilayer insulator (MLI) connections, and other harsh environments.

Littelfuse Inc.