Inverse, modular and flexible cable-entry system

Aug. 28, 2023

Inverse and modular KDSI-SR cable entry-system from the KDS series provide reliable sealing, flexibility and time-saving cable feed-through with and without plugs. The system installs outside of control cabinets, enclosures or machines with limited space. KDSI-SR’s components can be easily removed, exchanged and reassembled to fit different numbers of cables and tubes. Its separable insertion of individual sealing elements facilitates customized cable management because cables with plugs don’t have to be disassembled and reconnected for retrofits or servicing, which also maintains manufacturer warranties.

KDSI-SR features an inverse-tapered design of the screw-on frame’s opening, and includes an added two-part cover with TPE seals in three levels. This ensures a tight fit of the sealing elements, IP66 ingress protection, and reliable static strain relief that complies with DIN EN 62444. Its conically shaped sealing elements with serrated edges are available for one, two or four cables or as blind plugs. KDSI-SR also allows increased packing density compared to cable glands. Its halogen- and silicone-free system is suitable ambient temperatures from -40 °C to 120 °C. KDSI-SR frames are available for four, six, eight or 10 sealing elements in various configurations to match different conductor diameters.